What to Do When You Feel Stuck: An Interview with Sheila Joy

I have been ALL over the place lately, making change after change with my own business.

Do I want to blog? Do I want to design? How can I do both? How can I integrate my online presence?

It’s been difficult.

After two years, I’m niching down. More or less.

But it has taken away from the attention I give this blog, Reroute Lifestyle.

One of my projects includes a podcast about freelancing I started with a friend called Heart Centered Service.

On the podcast, we interviewed Life Purpose Coach Sheila Joy on how to carve your own path + move forward when you feel stuck and at wits’ end.

If you’re a multipassionate feeling stuck with the next step you want to take in your business, you have to listen to this episode.

Click here to listen on the website!

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