15+ Websites that Pay Writers

Turn your love of research and words into a way to make money freelance writing.

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Aloha! Some posts contain affiliate links, which means I make a small commission if you click
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There’s something both romantic and rewarding about being able to be paid for your love of research and words. But how do people find websites that will pay freelance writers?

One of the hardest parts about getting started freelancing, let alone freelance writing, is finding clients. If you’ve ever looked for freelance writing work on Upwork, you might have felt frustrated at the race to the bottom for jobs on this platform.

Although I am a freelance website designer by trade, I enjoy writing on the side. And I‘ve found that a few things stand out when applying for freelance writing gigs:

  • Pitch with an opinion or interesting angle
  • Pay attention to detail – follow instructions closely
  • Show you understand the publication voice, style and tone

If you love to write, here are 10+ websites that pay writers for articles.

1. VOX First Person

Vox First Person are first-person narratives that explain important topics in modern day life. They look for a wide range of perspectives that explore important issues. 

  • Mission: Vox explains the news.
  • Article Rate: Unlisted
  • Pitching Requirements: Email 1-2 paragraphs of what you want to write about, why you’re qualified, and points you’d make in your piece. They also review completed drafts. See this page for more details.

2. Medium Partner Program

Medium has a Partner Program which rewards its writers for engaging content.

As a Medium Partner, when you publish a post you’ll have the option to put that post behind a paywall. When members read your content, you’ll receive a part of their monthly subscription fee.

Once you become a Medium writer, there are a few ways to get your content in front of Medium members: 

  • Submit articles to a publication. You’ll see on my profile everything I write is published in a publication.
  • Your article is chosen to be curated. Shortly after your article is published, it’s reviewed for curation. Articles are chosen to be distributed across Medium based on these curation guidelines.
  • Grow a following. You’ll notice that people can follow you on Medium. As you publish more, your following will grow – and those followers will receive a notification when you publish a new post.

It’s simple to get started on Medium’s Partner Program. The Partner Program itself is available to residents of 33 countries. After you’re enrolled, you can set up your tax information and connect payment via Stripe.

Here are some publications for you to get started:

  • PS I Love You: Great writing about love – love as romance, family, history, intimacy.
  • The Startup: Medium’s biggest publication (700+) featuring articles on entrepreneurship, startups, etc. 
  • Better Marketing: Marketing case studies, personal experiences and how-to’s.
  • The Ascent: Stories that document the journey to happiness and fulfillment.
  • Age of Awareness: Stories providing creative, innovative and sustainable changes to the education system. 

Every publication is managed differently. They accept submissions differently, they have a different vision, and they have a different niche. Pay attention to each publication’s submission guidelines, as well as articles that they do feature in their publication.

3. Nomadic Matt

Recently, travel blogger Nomadic Matt opened his website to paid guest posts. The topics are specific (e.g. solo female travel, LGBTQ travel, etc.). However, if you are a travel writer who wants to get your footprint on the map – this is a great place to pitch your story. 

  • Mission: Travel cheaper, better, longer.
  • Article Rate: $250
  • Pitching Requirements: Pitches should have a focus on budget-related issues and help people travel. Article ideas can be sent via email with your travel history, topic ideas, along with a suggested title and description of your article. See this page for more specific instructions.

4. IntrovertDear

Introvert Dear is an award-winning web publication for introverts. They look for personal, informative pieces that explore being an introvert.

  • Mission: To let introverts know it’s okay to be who you are.
  • Article Rate: $40 via PayPal
  • Pitching Requirements: Send full, 1-000 to 1,500 word articles for consideration. The best articles are personal, go beneath the surface, and evoke a clear lesson for readers.

5. Highly Sensitive Refuge

Like the name of this web publication suggests, Highly Sensitive Refuge is a place where Highly Sensitive people feel safe to be themselves. This publication is managed by the same team as IntrovertDear – so you’ll notice the pitching requirements are similar.

  • Mission: Prove being highly sensitive can be strong.
  • Article Rate: $40 via PayPal
  • Pitching Requirements: Similar to IntrovertDear, send full, 1-000 to 1,500 word articles for consideration. The best articles are personal, go beneath the surface, and evoke a clear lesson for readers.

6. The Sun Magazine

The Sun is a nonprofit magazine that marries personal and political. The magazine itself challenges the status quo. They accept thought-provoking personal essays, fiction, poetry and interviews. 

  • Mission: Celebrate life, but not in a way that ignores its complexity.
  • Article Rate: $300-2,000 for personal essays, fiction and interviews
  • Pitching Requirements: Send your submission online (via Submittable) or or by mail.

7. CopyHackers

CopyHackers helps businesses master how to write persuasive copy fast. They look for well-researched blog posts about copywriting, growth marketing and freelancing.

  • Mission: Helping great businesses build audiences with words.
  • Rate: $325
  • Pitching Requirements: Send high-quality, 2,000+ word articles via email. Articles must be written in first person, well-researched and engaging. They are looking for articles that include your personal experience – whilst still being backed up with research. Plus, the article must be submitted with a good headline.

8. BitchMedia

Bitch looks for nonfiction essays that provide a feminist analysis of culture.

  • Mission: Provide and encourage an engaged, thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture.
  • Rate: $250 – $1,000
  • Pitching Requirements: Bitch is looking for well-researched, discussion-provoking nonfiction essays. Send either a full draft, outline or 150-word pitch via Submittable.  


SELF is a health and wellness brand. Their main categories are health, business, food, beauty, love and lifestyle. 

  • Mission: Help people take care of themselves, their loved ones and their communities.
  • Article Rate: $300+
  • Pitching Requirements: Send a working headline, a specific 1-2 paragraph description and a word count estimate to the editor. It helps to include clips of relevant work you’ve done. See the list of topics and editors here.

10. IncomeDiary

  • Mission: Provide the best content for web entrepreneurs. 
  • Article Rate: $200
  • Pitching Requirements: Income Diary looks for unique, high-quality articles about creating great content, search engine optimization, and running a business on the web. Submit your ideas via the form on this page. 

11. Barefoot Writer

  • Mission: Help writers achieve freedom-filled living through well-paid writing.
  • Article Rate: $100 – $300
  • Pitching Requirements: Barefoot Writer recommends getting to know their writing style. They look for unique articles that share your opinion of how to get things done or improve. Pitch your article ideas via email to queries@thebarefootwriter.com.

12. Informed Comment

Informed Comment is a political publication focusing on Middle Eastern politics and US foreign policy. Currently, they are looking for articles pieces that cover Middle Eastern & US dimensions of religion, human rights, women’s rights, workers’ rights, religious discrimination, and energy & climate change.

  • Mission: Provide sharp analysis about foreign policy.
  • Article Rate: $100
  • Pitching Requirements: Informed Comment looks for original opinion pieces that make a single point and run 800-1,000 words. With your submission, provide a short bio indicating previous publications and qualifications.

13. Well+Good

Well+Good demystifies what it means to live a good life inside and out. They look at how traditional topics like mental health, lifestyle and travel intersect with self-care, empowerment and growth. 

  • Mission: Demystify what it means to live a good life inside and out.
  • Article Rate: $200-400+ for personal essays and op-eds; $150-500+ for reported pieces with sources
  • Pitching Requirements: Pitches should include a working headline, a brief description and sources. With your submission, provide a short bio indicating qualifications (i.e. why are you the best person to tell this story?). 

14. Curiosity Saves the Planet

Curiosity Saves the Planet breaks down environmental science and research so that these topics are accessible to all. This online publication covers emerging diverse voices including personal environmental narratives, how different cultures approach sustainability, and tips for connecting with nature.

  • Mission: Spread environmental education and awareness.
  • Article Rate: Unlisted
  • Pitching Requirements: Pitches should include a detailed description about the topic, including possible headings, writing samples, and qualifications (i.e. why are you the best person to tell this story?). 

15. Popsugar Voices

Popsugar Voices cover personal narratives with a unique twist. They look for articles including the intersection of travel and fitness, self improvement and life advice.

  • Mission: Inspire women to lead their happiest, healthiest lives.
  • Article Rate: $40 for 800-1,200 words
  • Pitching Requirements: Popsugar looks for articles that are clever yet personable. Submit a full draft via the Popsugar dashboard. 

Other Websites that Pay Writers

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