How I Use Pinterest to Make Money Online

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Did you know it's possible to Make Money on Pinterest...with or without a blog? At Reroute Lifestyle, we're 100% into the whole idea of making money online so you can work from home and live the life of your dreams. Take advantage of apps like Tailwind to monetize and schedule your pins.You might already know: Pinterest is a massive search engine. Like Google. Except, it’s totally visual. But did you know you can use Pinterest to make money online?

I found a nice little strategy that has me earning side income via Pinterest on autopilot.

Basically, I use Pinterest to promote either products I already own, or totally love. For example, I promoted these Soludos shoes that are really just to-die-for and perfect for summer travel.

Whether you have very little idea how to use Pinterest, or you’re already a Pinterest pro, if you want to make money online using Pinterest, you’ve come to the right place.

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Join affiliate networks

Affiliate marketing is when you promote a program using a special link. If someone clicks on your link and does something (like makes a purchase), you get a commission from that sale.

First, target affiliate networks you would like to join and promote on Pinterest. Don’t just choose any affiliate network under the sun. Aim to choose affiliate networks your audience would appreciate.

  • ShareASale: affiliate programs including Etsy and Missguided ($50 minimum payout)
  • Maven: use the “copy link” feature for your pins to get a percentage of the commission for items purchased through your link ($20 minimum payout)
  • Awin: affiliate programs including Etsy and Missguided ($20 minimum payout)
  • Amazon Affiliates: wide selections for all sorts of products ($10 minimum payout)
  • ShopStyle Collective: fashion affiliate program that pays per click and per sale ($100 minimum payout)
  • Flexoffers: affiliate programs including Macy’s, Forever 21, Roxy and Levis ($100 minimum payout)
  • Creative Market: affiliate program for digital products including themes and graphics ($20 minimum payout)

Want the detailed list of specific affiliate programs you can join? I did the research so you don’t have to. Use the form below to download our massive list of affiliates for every niche.

Set up your Pinterest profile

After you join the right affiliate networks, make sure your Pinterest profile is fully set up.

Create boards related to the products you’re promoting.

Obvi, you gotta create boards related to the products you’re promoting. This way, you know that people with a specific interest are following a particular board. And you can cater to that interest by pinning products you think they will love.

Make your boards keyword friendly.

To really ensure your pins are seen long-term, make your boards keyword friendly. So save your creative artsy and vague titles for a personal Pinterest account. You’re officially in this for business.

  • Use relevant keywords for your board titles
  • Add relevant keywords to your individual pin descriptions

If you really want to maximize your Pinterest game, you’ll love my Pinterest Guide for Beginners.

Join applicable group boards

Once you have the foundation set, you can also join Pinterest group boards. Pinterest group boards are boards with more than one collaborator (in other words, more than one person contributes to pinning on the board).

Each board has an “owner” (the person who created the board). The owner sets the rules for the group board (which can be found in the description).

The group owner’s audience essentially becomes your audience.  Once you are invited and become a contributor to the group board, the pins you pin to that board can be seen by anyone following the board.

I actually have a list of over 125 Pinterest group boards categorized by niche…and I’m giving away access to our list for free (click here for access)!

To become a contributor to a Pinterest board, you have to be invited. While some boards require you to be invited by the group leader, others allow all members to invite new contributors. If a board is accepting new contributors, the instructions to apply will normally be in the group’s board descriptions.

Some Pinterest boards are “free-for-all” whereas others are based on a specific topic. It’s smart to join a combination of “free-for-all” and niche-specific boards.

You’ll notice that the description is also where group boards post their rules (as an example, repin others content, or limit your posts to X times per day). Make sure to follow the rules for each group board!

All in all, Pinterest group boards are a fantastic way for your pins to be seen by an audience larger than your follower base! To boost traffic with Pinterest, do not overlook the power of Pinterest groups.

Create product pins for your followers

Now that you have your own Pinterest boards set up, and you’re a part of some group boards, create product pins your followers would enjoy. To do this, you can use Pinterest Analytics and Tailwind‘s (free) Board Insights feature to see which boards are your best performing.

Don’t forget to create descriptions rich with relevant keywords. Remember that Pinterest is a search engine, so by writing a description full of keywords you increase the likelihood of your pins to be seen.

And when you create a pin, follow these two other simple rules:

  1. Don’t use short links.
  2. Disclose that the link is an affiliate link.

Schedule pins to group boards

After you find the right pins for your audience and create the pins, you schedule your pins to group boards. Make sure the group board allows product pins in the first place.

I use Tailwind to schedule products to group boards. Tailwind makes making money from Pinterest practically effortless. You can use their Board Lists feature to group together boards of the same genre. Then, when you’re scheduling a pin, you can schedule it to either a specific board…or a group of boards!

I schedule product pin and create intervals in between pins. This ensures that my pins are posted (and thus seen) over a longer period of time.

If you haven’t tried Tailwind before, click here for a free trial of your first 100 pins.

Add pins to Tailwind Tribes

If the Tailwind Tribe allows it, you can also add your pins to the Tribe. Tailwind Tribes are a feature totally and 100% free.

Think of Tailwind Tribes like groups where you can post your pins for others to repin and find great content from your fellow bloggers to repin!

Tailwind Tribes ensure your content will get shared, therefore increasing your audience. Of course, for Tribes to work, everyone has to be repinning!

You can add pins to Tribes through a few ways:

  1. Tailwind in-browser extension
  2. Share from the Tailwind website
  3. Using the Pinterest and Tailwind mobile apps

It’s seriously so simple!

Remember that in order for Tailwind Tribes to be effective, you should be sharing others’ content. It’s a win-win situation because you get great content to repin (which helps your Pinterest algorithm), and your pins will receive shares.

So, how do you use Tailwind to pin others’ content? It’s simple! All you need to do is:

  • Open the Tribe page
  • Press the  icon on the pins you want to share from the tribe
  • It will direct you to the Pinterest link
  • Repin from there!

Before you try out Tailwind Tribes, click here to join Tailwind for free.

Use Pinterest to make money online

Seriously, the potential that comes with using Pinterest to make money online is endless.

By creating a stellar and searchable profile, joining the right group boards, and pinning the right products for your audience, you’ll have no problem making your first affiliate commission using Pinterest.

If you learned something from this article, or you’re just trying to spread the love, I would appreciate a pin or a share!

And as usual, our favorite part of the discussion happens in the comments. Are you already making money via Pinterest? Let me know, what are your tips?

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