3 Ways You’re Holding Yourself Back from Growing Your Business

Find out the 3 common things holding your business back from growth.

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What does freedom mean to you? To me, freedom means being able to pull out my laptop and get to work from anywhere. Freedom means more quality time spent with people I love, friends and family included. Freedom means getting to challenge the beliefs I grew up with. It means building an online business so that I can open my mind as I travel the world.

Have you spent hours researching business growth strategies? Are you lost about how to even start marketing your online business? There’s SO much that comes into starting an online business and growing it. Even as you’re growing your online business, you’re bound to make mistakes. 

Here are three mistakes that I made whilst growing my freelance web design business.

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This post was inspired by a guest post written on the Reroute Lifestyle blog by Success and Mindset Coach Deanna.

xo – Krista

Mistake #1: Assuming I could grow my business alone

Humans are wired for connection. Yet, when I first started growing my community online – I wanted it to be my corner of the Internet, and fiercely no one else’s.

The truth is, there is power in networking and connecting with others in your space.

  • Create or join a network where you can ask for feedback and support
  • Collaborate with others as a way to learn from others and leverage each other’s communities
  • Lean on your network’s strengths by outsourcing to your network, and offering your strengths and services to them in their time of need

You don’t have to do this alone.

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Mistake #2: Making excuses to not market myself

After nearly four years in the online space, this is the mistake I see most often.

For some reason, one of the biggest mindset blocks most people have to overcome is the ability to market themselves.

I made this same mistake at the beginning of my freelancing journey.

To overcome this, I shifted the way I thought: instead of focusing on marketing myself, I focused on the service itself and the value that my clients receive.

Here’s a reminder: as a service provider, you are curing headaches. Whatever skillset you offer, people will purchase because they either do not have the time, or skillset, to buy. 

Separate yourself from your service.

You’re not always selling YOU. What value is your service giving someone else?

Mistake #3: Not investing in my business sooner!

Money management is an important part of growing an online business.

When I first started my business, I pinched pennies. I saved everything I earned instead of investing that money into something that would propel my business forward – like a marketing course.

Now that I manage my business full-time, I set 25% aside for taxes, I pay myself a consistent paycheck, and I am unafraid to make investments in my business. 

Click here to read more about my freelance design business and how I approach spending in business.

It’s been so helpful to pay myself a consistent amount every month and have money set aside to make business investments. It makes these purchases guilt-free knowing that the money is specifically for a business investment.

If you are still working your day job and not turning a profit yet, allocate a certain amount each pay period to go towards your business! Invest in a course, mentor, or a software that saves you time!

When I was on my own running my business, without the security of my 9-5, I wished that I had made some investments before I went full-time.

Action Plan: Where to Grow From Here

Based on my “business mistakes,” here’s where you can grow from here!

  • Don’t be afraid to reach out for support. Make friends with people in your niche. You might think it’s weird to be befriending other designers if you see them as your competition. But actually, designer friends I have made have referred me consistent business.
  • Let people know who you are + what you do. Write down your elevator pitch. What’s your title? Who do you do it for? What do you help them achieve?
  • Strategically invest. Set aside money specifically for business investments that can either save you research or time. Think about it – if you work a day job, social media schedulers can post to social media…while you’re at work! That helps your presence online immensely.

What’s a recent lesson you learnt in business? Continue the discussion in the comments below!


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