If you’re a fashionista with influence, you will absolutely love Maven. If you have a lifestyle blog, travel blog, or want to start a blog to make money online, you need to check out this website. Make money online with your influence and get down on this new app! fashion bloggers, how to start a fashion blog, travel bloggers, wanderlust, street style, casual fashion. #fashion #lifestyle #bloggers #makemoneyonline #workfromhomeIs anyone else guilty of online window shopping? You know – browsing online, adding a ton of items to your cart, realizing you can’t afford everything you want, and maybe just flat out abandoning the cart? Or maybe you are just obsessed with shopping online! What if I told you there was a website that allowed you to add products you want, or already use, to boards? And people could purchase from your boards. And you’d get a commission for their purchase. Yes! Bloggers, you will love this using this website Maven to make money online.

And for what it’s worth, you don’t have to have a blog to use Maven. But if you do happen to be a blogger and enter your blog’s URL when you sign up, they add you to a list of bloggers to contact in the event of sponsored post opportunities.

I like to think of Maven to be just like Pinterest…but on steroids. You can “pin” products to boards that you create on Maven. And you can share those boards on social media, to your mailing list, and of course on your blog. When someone checks out your board, clicks one of the products you have on the board, and makes a purchase from that website… you get a commission.

I started using Maven and I’m pretty much obsessed. They have a minimum payment of $20 via Paypal, and process payments monthly! It’s super easy to use, but some of you have requested a little how-to on using Maven. You ask, and I’ll deliver.

It’s super easy to use, but some of you have requested a little how-to on using Maven. There are so many ways to customize your Maven profile and promote your boards on social media. You asked, and I’m answering.

But I like to go above-and-beyond for you guys, so this article is full of Maven protips that took me months to learn … so you can really make the most of the platform.

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1. Set up an account.

So first, you obvi need to sign up with Maven. Once you open up Maven’s website, you’ll need to click login at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Registration is super easy. I recommend connecting your Maven account with Facebook, Twitter or Google but you also have the option to register via email and password.

Click here to start setting up your Maven account.

2. Set up your profile.

Once you register, you can immediately set up your profile.

Fill out as much information as you can with your profile, including your blog URL. Maven periodically sends opportunities for bloggers to work with brands on a sponsored campaign.

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Maven Protip: Your commissions & your Maven balance are not registered automatically. So don’t check your balance on the daily!

3. Create boards!

Once your profile is set up, you can start creating boards! Maven boards are the places where you add and showcase products. You can name the boards however you like. I find it best to be descriptive, and also target a specific audience, when you name your boards. Take, for example:

  • Back to School
  • Blogger Accessories
  • Beachy Basics for Babes
  • Minimalist Home Decor
  • Natural Skincare Products
  • Yoga & Fitness Essentials
  • Essentials for Moving Out
  • International Travel Essentials
  • Gifts for the Man in Your Life

The board names above are descriptive, and it’s easy to tell who might benefit from the products on each board.

Maven Protip: Explore Maven’s “Top” feature to see what board names and products people are loving the most.

4. Download Mavelet and start adding to your boards.

Once you start your profile, make sure to add the Mavelet link to your bookmarks. To get access to your Mavelet, beside your username click the dropdown arrow. Then select “Get Mavelet.”

From there, you can either drag the big purple Mavelet button into your bookmarks bar, or one of you bookmarks folder.

Once you have the Mavelet installed in your bookmarks, all you need to do is click the Mavelet button when you’re browsing a website and see a product you like. If the retailer is in the Maven network (which is full of thousands of retailers and constantly growing), you’ll be able to add the product to your boards.

Maven Protip: Add the Mavelet to your browser’s bookmarks bar so you can easily add products to your Maven boards.

Click here if you’re totally convinced & want to start adding products to Maven immediately!

5. Start promoting your boards.

Once you set up your boards, you can start promoting them! If you’re struggling to think of ideas to promote your Maven board, here’s a few areas to start:

  • take a screenshot of your profile or board and share it on social media
  • add a board widget to your sidebar
  • add a link to your Maven profile to your email signature
  • include photos + links to your Maven profile or boards in your emails to your audience
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Maven Protip: Add products to your boards regularly. This places your board at the beginning of the Maven homepage!

BONUS: Tell your friends about Maven!

Even better, you can share the Maven love. You actually get $1 for each referral to Maven, plus 25% of that referral’s sale earnings for nine months. So let your friends know they can use Maven to make money online! You can even share this article with them to help get them started.

Maven Protip: The more “likes” or “hearts” your boards have, the more likely you are to be featured on Maven’s “Top” section. So give your friends’ boards some love, and ask for some love in return!

How do YOU Use Maven to Make Money Online?

It’s great to have an app that does everything for you. For free. Maven connects you with brands so you can showcase their sales and their services. Or they connect you with brands so you can work together on a sponsored collaboration.

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Even if that’s not your area of expertise, or you’re not a blogger, you’ll love adding products to your Maven boards and passively making money online. Some days maybe you’ll even want to #treatyoself and shop from your own boards!

Click here to join Maven and start building your bombacious boards immediately!

I seriously fell in love with the platform because I’m one of those people who really likes to think purchases over and it takes me forever to follow through on a purchase. Like items will sit in my shopping cart for days or even weeks and that doesn’t even mean I’ll purchase it. Even worse if my cookies get deleted or the items somehow get removed from my cart. Now I can add all the products I totally love to a board, and if I do decide to purchase it, I can just click through to the website using my board and make the purchase! Maven pays you commission even if you use your own link to shop!

And if your board links are used to visit a website, you do get the commission for all the items the purchaser decides to purchase! Super win!

Enough of my total obsession with Maven. My favorite part of the conversation happens in the comments: do you already use Maven? How do you use Maven to make money online?


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