So you've read all about sending emails to your mailing list, tips for growing your mailing list, but did you know you can make money while you grow your mailing list? And it's practically passive income! Check out this beginner's guide.You know the feeling when you receive an email from one of your faves in your inbox? Not those people who constantly pitch, pitch, pitch and sell, sell, sell (if that’s you, don’t worry – I’ve been there, too). But stop for a second to remember that feeling when you get an email from a blogger who really makes an effort to build a relationship with you. The blogger who sends you information that really answers your questions. Well, did you know you can be that person, and at the same time, make money and build your mailing list?

It’s no secret your mailing list has the potential to bring your business profit. Everyone says it: the money’s in the list.

So we’re sharing our sleaze-free strategy to grow a targeted mailing list that can actually make you money at the same time.

For this strategy, we’re going to talk about creating a free, information-packed email course for your mailing list. It takes extra time to create the free email course, but the time definitely pays off in the end.

This article assumes you know the basics of setting up your mailing list. If you want more guidance when it comes to setting up your mailing list, click here.

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Step 1: Target your audience.

The more targeted your email list is, the more potential you have to profit from it in the future.

One mistake I made when I first started blogging (on my personal lifestyle blog) was creating opt-ins for a variety of audiences interested in different things (travel, blogging, social media). And I kept them all in one list.

This prompted those who signed up for my email list for its travel content to click unsubscribe when I sent out blogging-related updates. And I didn’t even feel comfortable sending out travel updates knowing that a majority of my audience was interested in blogging tips.


If you do create opt-ins for different audiences, separate your email lists. So, all the people who gave their email address to you for a travel freebie can go in one list where you send travel-related updates. And others who signed up for your weight loss freebies can hang out in one list where you send weight loss and fitness related updates.

Step 2: Create an information-packed email freebie for your list.

Now that you know your audience, create a freebie for them.

Start by coming up with an idea based on their problems and your expertise.

An email course is an automated series of emails with daily lessons that solves your readers’ problems. After you decide on what your email course will be about, start planning.

I use Google Drive to plan and write my email courses. Having everything in one document makes the entire course easier to proofread.

Once you finish writing your email course, create your course using an Automation feature. Mailerlite is perfect for anyone who’s just beginning to set up their business or email list.

  • Mailerlite is free for your first 1,000 subscribers.
  • They offer all features (including email automation and landing pages) with the free plan.
  • Mailerlite features an interface that is easy-to-use.
  • Once you do reach 1,000 subscribers, Mailerlite is affordable to maintain (higher plans start at $10/month).

Click here to sign up for Mailerlite for free!

Using Mailerlite’s Automation feature, you can create a new workflow for your irresistible email course that will draw crowds.

Step 3: Ask your audience for feedback.

As you draft the course, don’t be afraid to ask your audience for feedback about the course. Tell them what it’s about, and ask what topics they want to learn about in relation to the email course.

This will do at least two things:

  • get your audience excited, and build up hype for your email course
  • give you tons of amazing ideas on what to include and expand upon

I asked my audience for feedback and not only did they let me know what they wanted me to really focus on in the course, but they also gave me ideas for future posts and products.

Step 4: Create a landing page for your email course.

Next, create a landing page for your email course. I used Mailerlite’s Forms feature to create my landing page.

On the first page:

  • include who the course is designed for
  • let them sign up

On the thank you page:

  • explain more about the value they just received
  • offer your upgrade

Step 4: Offer an opt-in upgrade after sign-up.

Once you complete your email course, offer an upgrade. Your upgrade should be related to your email freebie (the reason why they signed up).

  • an ebook related to content similar to the opt-in
  • $1 trial to a product or service you offer
  • an audit (e.g. blog, Pinterest, branding, budget, etc.)
  • an offer to receive all lessons now instead of day-by-day

If you need somewhere to host your upgrade and conduct the transaction, use DPD. They offer Paypal and Swipe integration, as well as the possibility of accepting affiliates for your products.

After payment, DPD automatically sends either your digital product or an automated email.

Their lowest plan starts at $10/month, and you get a 30-day free trial to start.

Click here to sign up for DPD and start your free trial.

You can also remind your new subscribers about the upgrade at the end of your course. They’ve had several days of your sweet sweet expertise in their inbox, so they’ll be excited to pay for the upgrade at the end!

Make Money and Build Your Mailing List

Just remember: everything you offer should be in some way related. You know your audience and their problems, so you create a multiple-day email course that totally walks them through one of their problems. After they sign up for your email course (that solves their problems), offer a problem-solving product or upgrade.

See, you know they are more likely to purchase the upgrade because your email course (or whatever free email freebie you offer) answers a problem they have. And so does the upgrade.

The key is to answer your audience’s problems at every step of the way.

When you strive to solve problems at every step of the way, you build your authority and increase the likelihood of making that sale.

The best conversation happens in the comments! What are ways you build your mailing list? What do you offer to your readers?



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