Reroute Lifestyle: 4 Stages of Building an Online Service-Based Business

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I felt inspired by the lavish and lustful lifestyles of location independent entrepreneurs scattered around the world. Eventually, the whole concept became real to me: if these people can do it, so can I. And that’s how Reroute Lifestyle began.

Reroute Lifestyle is a community that helps multipassionate creatives build online, service-based businesses so they can find more time to live their passion and design their days.

Reroute Lifestyle started as my story of how I used the Internet to become the CEO of my own life. But it’s also YOUR story of what you’re doing to become the CEO of your own life.

This post contains affiliate links to keep our blog up and running!
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Who’s behind reroute lifestyle?

I’m writing for all you aspiring, goal-getting multipassionates who want to stop putting all your hard work into building someone else’s dreams and start a profitable online business so you can say goodbye to your 9-5 (isn’t it like 8-5 these days?) and become your own CEO.

This new chapter of my life started when I started a lifestyle and travel blog. On my lifestyle and travel blog, I wanted to inspire millennial women to say yes to more opportunities in life. I also wanted to make money from the blog.

Following my first month of blogging, I was paid $40. After a few months of this, I started making a part-time income from my blog.

Then I quit my job to start a blog with my now ex-boyfriend. After he and I separated, my travel expenses DOUBLE and everything for the blog was put on the backburner. Instead of creating blog content, I pivoted and started focusing on signing clients to work with Reroute Lifestyle.

Right now, income from my blog pays for my rent and some travel expenses every month. This helped me #reroutelifestyle and create a lifestyle where I can work from my laptop from practically anywhere in the world.

But how did I do it? How did I start a blog that allows me to spend more time with family, friends, + the ones I love?

Stage 1: Build an Online Presence

It took me one month to prepare Reroute Lifestyle for launch. Here are a few things I did that really stood out:

  1. Created a lead magnet to grow my mailing list and circulated it via Pinterest.
  2. Started posting on Twitter and growing an audience there. Added the mailing list opt-in to my Twitter bio.
  3. Pre-wrote a total of 8 posts (including this one).
  4. Created two more freebies to offer based on the posts we wrote. The idea was to offer one relevant opt-in freebie per post.

This mailing received an overwhelming 265 subscribers to our mailing list before launch. We didn’t focus on growing social media, but we were still able to get 100 combined followers on Twitter and Pinterest.

For those who are wondering, I invested $184.92 in Reroute Lifestyle. This included:

It actually felt like splurging to get this website up and running. But, every penny invested was worth it.

Stage 2: Focus on Sales

The reason why I’m able to do what I’m doing is I’ve always focused on sales first.

This doesn’t mean that I’m forgetting about serving my current clients. But it means that I chose to put passion projects on the side in order to #paythebills.

And believe it or not, sales can be simple.

What you need to do is think about the value your product or service gives to others. Then, you need to communicate that value.

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Stage 3: Create Sharable Content

Content is SUCH a good way to prove your expertise to others. Content can be shared in the form of blog posts, email newsletters, or even social media posts.

If you need money immediately – or in the near future – I recommend focusing on content AFTER sales. You can create content based on the questions you get from working with your clients.

Content starts getting your name out there. It builds the recognition in people’s heads about you being the go-to expert for [your service/niche].

One of our Reroute Lifestyle clients has gotten at least 3 clients herself after sharing content on LinkedIn and establishing herself as a marketing and social media expert.

People used to pay so much money to get their services printed on a brochure, or advertisement on a billboard. With social media and technology, it’s reasonable to market your services to the world!

Stage 4: Free up time so you can live your passion.

This is my favorite part.

How can you find more time to live your passion?

Set up systems in your business so you don’t have to think twice about things.

  1. Create canned emails of emails you send over + over again.
  2. Use Asana to create and manage repetitive tasks.
  3. Use Google Calendar to block periods of time that you can devote to specific work. If do something every week (like work for a client X hours each week), then set that event to repeat weekly.
  4. Build passive income streams (like affiliate marketing or creating products to sell) so you can literally make sales while you’re on holiday, sleeping, or at the gym.
  5. Automate your client management process with a tool like Dubsado.

Are you down to Reroute Lifestyle?

If you’ve made it this far, something about Reroute Lifestyle obviously interests you. Is a location independent lifestyle something you’re considering? Or are you just interested in creating a profitable blog so you have the freedom to #treatyoself, travel, or even pay off some debt?

And again: this is your story. So never be afraid to let us know if there’s something you’re struggling with, or something you feel stands in your way of profiting from your blog. We’d love to be the ones to help you #reroutelifestyle and be the CEO of your own life.

Start out by leaving us a comment below telling us your story.

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