How to Create a Lead Magnet

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You hear it everywhere: you should grow your email marketing list because it’s something you own. Social media algorithms are constantly changing. So how can you get in touch with your community? Sending email newsletters to your audience is one of the best and most intimate ways to get in touch with them. And a great way to grow your email newsletter list is to create a lead magnet!

I partnered with TryInteract to create a quiz as a lead magnet to grow my mailing list! But before I tell you more about how I created my quiz (and how you can, too), let’s dive into what a lead magnet is and how you can create one.

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What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a type of offer, like an ebook, that you use to attract newsletter subscribers to you (like magnets!).

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Ideas for Lead Magnets

You know you want to offer a lead magnet as an incentive to join your mailing list… but you don’t know what to offer. Here are popular options for lead magnets you can create:

  • PDF downloads
  • Ebooks
  • Workbook
  • Exclusive content
  • Audio training
  • Swipe files
  • Templates (Photoshop templates, audio files)
  • Email course
  • Interactive Quiz (like with TryInteract)

Once you decide what lead magnet you should create, you can start brainstorming what you can create. I find that it’s important to create a lead magnet specifically for your target customer/client versus a lead magnet that appeals to everyone.

One thing you can do to ensure you find a lead magnet that appeals to your target client is to pay attention to their needs/wants by either a) asking your target clients directly or b) doing market research to ask your target clients questions about their needs.

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Resources to Create a Lead Magnet

When it comes to creating a lead magnet, I’ve found 3 free resources that anyone can use!

  • Canva: to create downloadable PDFs like workbooks, ebooks, etc.
  • TryInteract: to create interactive quizzes
  • Google Drive or Dropbox: share swipe files, audio trainings, exclusive content

Create an Interactive Quiz

I recently partnered with TryInteract to create an interactive quiz to grow my email list!

I loved TryInteract’s super easy-to-use interface to build my quiz! It took me between 1-2 hours to put together the entire quiz following their tutorial, How to Make an Interactive Quiz.

Step 1: brainstorming

I started by brainstorming ideas for a quiz. I actually only listed a couple ideas:

  • What stage of freelancing are you?
  • What type of freelancer are you?

I spent 15 minutes total browsing Try Interact’s quiz templates for ideas and inspiration. I thought about what kind of audience I wanted to attract with my quiz (freelancers). A lot of quizzes that stood out to me were “what type/kind of ____ are you?” and personality quizzes.


After you decide on a quiz idea, it’s time to create the results! Since my quiz tells people which stage of freelancing they’re in, I brainstormed 4 different stages a freelancer would be in.

I then narrowed my results down to three options!

Want to take the quiz?! Click here!

For each result, I described the stage and then added a list of next steps a freelancer could take to reach the next stage.

Step 3: Write Questions

Next, I brainstormed a list of questions and answers. Each question had 2-4 potential answers.

From there, you can use TryInteract to make each answer correlate to a result.

When you’re writing a quiz, a minimum of 5 questions is a good goal to shoot for! Anything else makes the quiz feel very short. Your questions shouldn’t give away your answers; make the questions fun for your participants to think about! Shoot for engaging, descriptive answers.

Step 4: Design, set up, and publish your quiz

Finally, use the TryInteract platform to customize your quiz with your own brand photos and brand hex colors. Connect your quiz to your email publisher’s API, and then publish your quiz!

One way to go above-and-beyond using a quiz to sell to your participants is by setting up a custom email sequence for each result! You’ve used your quiz to learn about each participant, and narrowed down what they’re interested in. Next, you can use that information to send them targeted emails based on what you know about them!

My favorite example of this is Sam Vander Wielen’s Brew a Bolder Business quiz that helps her clients learn about what steps they can take to protect their online business!

What kind of quiz are you creating?

What kind of quiz ideas do you have brewing? Do you already have a quiz made? Let me know in the comments below!

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