✓ Pay off extra debt (student loans, credit cards, that car payment).

✓ Treat yourself to a guilt-free sushi date.

✓ Put that extra money towards your next vacation!

✓ Reinvest that cash back into your business WITHOUT hesitation.

FINALLY feel the financial stability to take risks…confidently.

But first, you need to get past the headache that comes with sifting through the abyss of blog resources out there.

Because getting past the learning curve of growing a blog people actually read makes you want to pull your hair out and throw your laptop out the window.


In less than one year, I turned my blog into a business that allows me to work from anywhere and be location independent.

When I realized that I spend most of my work days creating content, it hit me: I actually turned my passion into my profession.

It all started during my first trip abroad as an adult when I experienced making money blogging while I was away from my laptop.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

  • I’ve rebranded my blog over and over and over again trying to find my purpose.
  • I’ve had entire months where I wanted to just press delete and throw my laptop out the window.
  • I’ve partnered with affiliates who have changed their terms completely OR ended their program entirely.

The truth is, we all suffer from self-doubt. We all stress out.



Career in the Making covers my 7-step strategy to turn your blogging passion into a profession.

✓ How to turn your passion for writing into a profitable blog

✓ How to choose the best blogging monetization strategy right for you

✓ Improvements you can make to increase affiliate sales on your blog

✓ How to track affiliate marketing strategy success

✓ Case studies on making money with lifestyle & travel affiliates

✓ Growing your traffic intentionally: comprehensive guides to social media, SEO, and marketing

✓ Blogging mistakes to avoid that will save you $$$ and time

If you know Career in the Making is exactly what you need to turn your passion into a profession, you can get your copy NOW.




I’ve always dreaded getting into the same routine. Living the same month, EVERY month. Work. Socialize. Sleep. Repeat.

And then I started making money online by creating content for myself and other passionate professionals.

Creating captivating content is the foundation of building a business that allows anyone to kiss the cubicle goodbye and work from anywhere in the world.

After all, storytelling is a profitable industry. Who else binge watches the latest Netflix original series?

And that’s what blogging is: storytelling.

Career in the Making goes into how you can use the art of storytelling to build a blog, tell your story, and make money from affiliate marketing.

You can be strategic with the way you make money blogging. You CAN turn your passion into a profession that makes you love Mondays.

This ebook is the exact opposite of information that can be regurgitated in the blogosphere. Career in the Making is the type of content I crave – it’s detailed, well-written, and applicable.

The fact that it’s written from the perspective of a newer blogger is nice because you can see how possible turning your passion into profit really isDefinitely worth the investment.

– Bklyn from Being Bklyn


Preface: Reroute Your Mindset

  • Common roadblocks to avoid in order to achieve success

Chapter 1. Reroute Your Foundation: How to Start a Successful Blog

  • 5 common missing ingredients to a standout blogging foundation
  • Tech tips newer bloggers tend to forget

Chapter 2. Create Content that Captivates with Storytelling

  • 5 elements of an engaging blog post

Chapter 3. An In-Depth Guide to Blog Monetization

  • When to start monetizing your blog
  • The legal side of blog monetization
  • How to monetize your blog
  • How to create a profitable income strategy

Chapter 4. The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Lifestyle and Travel Bloggers

  • An introduction to affiliate marketing and how to create links
  • Promoting products without sounding salesy
  • 7 strategies to increase your affiliate sales
  • How to track whether or not an affiliate strategy works

Chapter 5. How to Intentionally Build Your Blog Traffic

  • Google Analytics crash course
  • Social media for bloggers
  • A comprehensive guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO): keyword research, linkbuilding, and domain authority
  • Collaborative Marketing: how bloggers can collaborate to skyrocket growth

Chapter 6. MLM: Mailing List Mistakes to Avoid While Building Your Mailing List

  • When to start building your mailing list & how to do it
  • How to make money while building your mailing list
  • What to send in your newsletters
  • Writing engaging newsletter headline

Chapter 7. How to Grow Your Blog While Working Full-Time

  • 7 ways to be productive and get ish done while you’re still working your 8-6.

Chapter 8. Blogging Mistakes to Avoid that Will Save You Time & Make You Money

Chapter 9. How to Actually Turn Your Passion for Blogging into Your Profession

  • The 7-step strategy I use to build, launch and grow profitable lifestyle blogs

Krista puts her strategies and techniques out there for the sensible, determined blogger.

This book isn’t full of unobtainable goals or unrealistic expectations. Krista delivers resourceful and RELEVANT tactics any aspiring blogger can use to ditch the daily grind and take control of their own time and finances. Can’t thank her enough for the inspiration!

– Deanna from Lucky Love Life

I absolutely LOVED Career in the Making!

This book is invaluable for anyone looking to take their blogging to the next level! It’s full of resources that would’ve taken me months to find on my own, and Krista does an amazing job of breaking everything down so it’s easy to implement.

Using Krista’s tips, I made a business plan for my blog and now I have a 12-month plan for turning my passion into a successful business! This ebook is a must-have!

– Asha from Adventures with Asha

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Career in the Making truly is in depth. I’ve purchased ebooks before that were only 10 pages. The amount of information in this book for this price is great. 

This book provides practical knowledge to create a successful blog. It lays the foundation to create a successful blog and gives you strategies and resources to continuously succeed.

– Nichole from The Daily Pursuit


Who is this ebook for?

This ebook is for the blogger ready to take her blog from hobby to business & the blogger who feels like she’s tried everything but is going nowhere. This ebook will give you blogging monetization strategies so you can make money writing about what you love!

Do I need a blog in order to implement your strategies?

Yes! You will need a blog in order to implement most of the strategies discussed in this book. 

What do I get with my purchase?

With your purchase, you get free, lifetime access to this ebook and its updates! Whenever this ebook is updated, you will receive an email with a new link to download the update for free.

If I don’t like the ebook, can I request a refund?

When you make a purchase, you also purchase lifetime access to this ebook and its updates. Due to the digital nature of this product all purchases are final. 

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