Overwhelmed by all the information you read about “how to grow your blog?”

The Income & Growth Bundle for Bloggers

A system to revitalize and get your blogger life together.

Multiply your traffic, make money blogging, and track + analyze your growth.

Take your blog to business: our bundle equips you with the tools you need to grow your blog, track that growth and make the decisions necessary to take your blog business to the next level.

Why should I buy this bundle?

Take Your Blog to Business

Use our system to get in the business mindset: track your growth, pinpoint areas of improvement, and target strategies you already do that work.

Grow Your Traffic

Stop feeling frustrated when you don’t see traffic growth. Use our simple solutions for growing your blog’s traffic, even when you feel at wit’s end with your promotion.

Plan for Success

Stop wasting your time waiting for results. Use this bundle to see what you can make in your business, and strategize how to get there.

What’s inside?

A 5-page spreadsheet to help you track:

  • Your sources of income & income goals
  • Your monthly & annual income
  • Blogging expenses
  • Monthly social media goals
  • Overall business growth

Step-by-step instructions on how to input your data

Guide on how to analyze your data and create a profitable system for your blog

The Blogger’s Traffic Cheat Sheet

  • An in-depth reference full of simple solutions on how to grow your blog traffic… when you feel like you’ve done everything to push your blog forward.

Hey, goal getter! We’re Krista and Mike – the two tryhards behind Reroute Lifestyle.

We’re leveraging the power of the Internet to travel the world…blogging from our laptops. And, you can do it, too. Something we found vital to the growth of our blog biz was tracking what we did to push our blog forward…and seeing what part of our strategy helped…or totally tanked our growth.

In fact, actually having a system where we could see where our income came from every month helped us realize one change we made trying to save money…totally cost us more money in the long run.

We want you to create a system that works for your blog biz. So we created an affordable, easy to use bundle for bloggers to pinpoint areas of improvement, and areas of success, for your blog biz.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Income & Growth Bundle for?

This Income & Growth Bundle is for bloggers who don’t have a system in place when it comes to tracking social media growth and income for their blogs.

What's included in this Income & Growth Bundle for Bloggers?

The Income & Growth Bundle for Bloggers includes:

  • An in-depth Google Docs spreadsheet to track your monthly income goals, income results, blogging expenses, and social media growth.
  • A traffic cheat sheet for bloggers – a cheat sheet for you to reference when you feel like you’ve tried everything when it comes to growing your blog’s traffic, and need a little inspiration.
How will this help me grow my blog?

This bundle will provide you with resources to easily track your growth at a glance, and strategize areas of improvement.

At the foundation of every successful business – and blog – you’ll find a solid income strategy. Businesses track, and project, their growth.

Our traffic cheatsheet will provide you with ways to grow your blog’s traffic. Our spreadsheet will help you look at your blog and its statistics from a monthly, quarterly, and annual perspective. You can take notes of how your strategy changes from week to week, and analyze how successful (or unsuccessful) different strategies were for your business.

Use this bundle to see what you can make from your blog biz, and strategize how to get there.

If I don't like this product, can I get a refund?

We want you to be happy with what you buy! So, if you purchase this product, don’t like it, and don’t plan to use it for your blog, send us a message within 30 days of purchase explaining why you found it unhelpful for your blog. Then, we’ll issue you a refund.

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