Explode Your Blog Income with an Income Strategy

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MYTH: You NEED to blog about blogging to make money blogging.

Have you ever thought: maybe it’s just off-brand for other bloggers to talk about how much they make blogging? It’s also a personal choice, and not everyone wants (nor has to) share their earnings with the world.

So the people who are publishing income reports, are publishing for a “niche” so-to-speak of making money online.

Ironically, Reroute Lifestyle is one of many other blogs helping bloggers improve their strategy. But, we’ve also started a profitable lifestyle blog…and since we’re serial blogpreneurs, we’ll probably start other blogs in the future. Because…it’s possible to make money blogging writing about what you love.

Yes – we’re here to tell you that if you’re ready to put a little work in it, you CAN make money blogging, and it doesn’t need to be writing about blogging.

If you love writing and want to make money writing about your passion… that goal might not be too far out.

In the blogosphere, there’s a lot of talk creating business plans for your blog:

  • identifying your target reader,
  • writing your blog’s mission,
  • and coming up with an overall plan for your blog biz.

Creating this business plan is definitely an essential part of starting your blog business.

But… if you want to make (more) money blogging, you should also come up with a blogging income strategy. Instead of idly waiting for money to come at you for your blog, take your blog to business and strategically think about how you’re going to increase your blogging income.

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What is a blogging income strategy?

A blogging income strategy is:

  • Knowing how much you want to make from your blog.
  • Being aware of how much you can make from each income source.
  • Strategically taking steps (and making moves) towards achieving your income goals.
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If you want to multiply the money you make blogging, you will eventually need to approach your income strategically. So why not start now…as opposed to trying to figure it out later?

Step 1: Build the foundation.

Know what you’re all about, and who you want to serve.

There is an audience for what you’re writing about. It’s your job as a creative to serve them!

Even if you don’t have a niche, understand who you’re writing for.

What’s their demographic? Gender? Career path?

The more you can understand about who you want to serve, the better you can cater your content towards them.

Invest in the tools you need to run your business.

Domain & Web Hosting:

  • Namecheap: We bought our domain with Namecheap, which was a little cheaper than going through Siteground. Bear in mind, it takes about 1-2 days for your Namecheap domain to redirect to your host. So, if you don’t want to wait, we recommend just purchasing your domain from your website host.
  • Siteground: For web hosting we definitely recommend Siteground. They set a high standard when it comes to solving unexpected tech problems, in addition to offering 100% website uptime. Click here to start your own blog at $3.95/mo.

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WordPress Theme:

After 3 years of blogging and playing with themes, I recommend a combination of the Hello theme and Elementor plugin.

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Having a domain, hosting, and a theme are an absolute minimum.

Step 2: Know your monetization plan.

Next, you need to decide HOW you are going to make money blogging.

Start by understanding your potential sources of income, and how much you can make from each source.

1. Affiliate Marketing: Receive a commission from companies for promoting their products. This is one of the easiest ways to start making money blogging, as you don’t have to spend the time it takes to develop your own product.

2. Sponsored Posts: Partner with companies to promote something like their brand or their product in exchange for a set fee. You can pitch to brands proposing a partnership, or you can join a company that partners influencers with brands like Linqia.

3. Advertisements: Feature advertisements for companies on your blog in exchange for a fee. Unless you’re directly pitching to companies to feature their advertisement on your blog, the starting pay for this is very minimal.

4. Offering Services: Offer your readers niche-related services. This can include blog audits, web design, graphic design, travel itinerary planning, weight loss coaching, career advice. Even though on your blog you cover the big picture and give people advice on how to further themselves in life, every situation is different. So you can offer your service of expertise to directly answer an individual’s problem.

5. Offering Products: Create products for your readers, and market those products on your blog. The first product we offered was our blogging monetization ebook, but you can also sell products including spreadsheets, DVDs/videos, and courses.

Protip: If you’re just starting to focus on making money blogging, start small. Focus on your FIRST affiliate sale, or nailing your FIRST brand collaboration. Then, grow from there.

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Step 3: Write informative content.

Write content that makes people walk away feeling satisfied.

  • Don’t spend all your time focusing on you.
  • Remember who you’re serving, and create content FOR them.
  • Look at what’s already been written on the topic…and think about how you can create content better than what’s around.

If you have a good grasp of who you’re serving, you can cater the way you write to them. And in the blogosphere, what you want to write about has probably been covered before.

So how can you stand out?

By paying attention to other articles on what you want to write about, and deciding how you offer your readers more.

Maybe you want to cover a different angle. Or maybe you want to go further in-depth.

Take the extra time to go “above-and-beyond” what’s already out there, and your extra time spent will reward you.

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Monetize that content.

A lot of newer bloggers are afraid to monetize their content because they’re afraid of coming off as too salesy. To avoid that, you can do a couple things:

  • Focus on a FEW partnerships that align with your mission.
  • Always communicate the value of that partnership to your reader.

When you emphasize your focus on the benefit to your reader, they see more value rather than you trying to sell.

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Create graphics to promote your content.

Go the extra mile and create graphics to stand out from the crowd.

When people are scrolling down the feed, what is it about your images that will stand out to them? How will you capture their attention?

For an income strategy webinar we hosted, we created a branded image for Facebook and Twitter that gave people a sneak preview at what would be covered in the webinar.

People are super visually driven (which explains the popularity of Instagram and Pinterest), so experiment with ways to communicate with others via image.

Protip: Use Yoast SEO to customize the way your articles show up on Twitter and Facebook.

Promote, promote, promote.

A lot of people say blogging is 20% writing and 80% promotion. And… that’s a pretty fair representation. However much time you spend writing your post, formatting it, and monetizing it… you’re going to spend even more time promoting it while you try getting others’ to view it.

People also say “wait for traffic” because “making money blogging takes time.”

That’s true for many blogs…

It does take time to gain traction on Pinterest and search engines.

But, why not try getting ahead of the pack by proactively finding ways to get eyes on your blog posts? You spend a lot of time preparing your posts for the world. And you spend a lot of time making sure those posts are helpful for others.

So… doesn’t that mean you could be doing people a disservice by not seeking them out, or providing them your super awesome content?

So here are ways you can promote your posts and expand your audience:

  • Collaborate with other bloggers in your niche.
  • Revisit your Pinterest promotion strategy.
  • Evaluate how easy it is to share your own articles.

Step 4: Offer a freebie to capture emails.

Yes – growing your mailing list should be a part of your income strategy. Not because you should immediately sell to your mailing list, but because emails are a platform where you can build your relationship with your readers.

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Growing your mailing list can be a part of your income strategy because:

  • You can use your newsletters to connect with your readers,
  • Your newsletter can be the pinnacle of your promotion strategy when you launch a product,
  • When you’re looking for feedback, you can turn to your mailing list for their opinion.

Step 5: Keep track of your data.

Always create a system to keep track of your data.

If you want to make (more) money blogging, treat your blog like a business. And you know what businesses do?

They keep track of things.

You should keep track of:

  1. What you are doing each week to push your blog forward,
  2. How much growth you are seeing.

Keeping track of my data helped me see where my penny-pinching actually cost me in our business.

When you create a system to keep track of those things, you can start deducing whether or not what you are doing is pushing you forward. And you can actually determine if a small (or big) change in your strategy tremendously helped.

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