If you want to make money blogging, you should read this blogging income report! work from home, make money online, how to start a blog, start a lifestyle blog, earnings report, blogging tips, 2017 income report, start making money blogging, blogger income reportThere’s something taboo about publishing online or blogging income reports. We’re a part of a society where it’s just not polite to ask someone about what they’re making. And some people are perfectly content with keeping things the same.

But on the other hand, there’s an online revolution occurring. People have made money blogging for years. And, guess what, the blogosphere isn’t reserved for just those people to succeed.

Anyone can succeed at making some kind of an income from blogging.

So what more people should be doing is contributing to the conversation that inspires people who may want to start a blog…inspire them to conquer their fears and do it. Instead of being negative and suggesting the blogosphere is oversaturated (which, okay, valid point), be positive and encourage (or better yet, empower) others to stand out in an oversaturated market.

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One of the ways we make money blogging is passive income through affiliate marketing. This means we spend time writing posts up front. And potentially make money from these posts later on. The money we make can be made while we’re sleeping, while we’re working on the next post, while we’re at our 9-5… so that money feels totally passive.

Insofar as making a ton of money blogging… we’re not making that… yet. But we’re doing the first few things you have to do in order to build a successful blog: start the darn blog! write content. put yourself out there. make mistakes. fix them. then … profit?

A part of us feels weird about sharing this income report. Another part knows that people (like ourselves) learn by seeing how others accomplish their goals.

After all, if other bloggers did not post their income reports, we would not have started blogging for an audience. PERIOD. Reading those income reports inspired us to start our own profitable blog. Starting this blog turned out to be an incredible journey. It serves as a creative outlet and gives us so much to be excited about with each day. While it’s a lot of work, we never feel like we’re working.

The best part? Blogging for business is more than just writing. As a blogger, you are also your own social media manager. And your own graphic designer. You are your blog’s chief creative. Business manager. The list goes on and it’s freaking impressive.

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So, what’s RerouteLifestyle.com?

RerouteLifestyle.com is a space for hard working creatives (aka goal-getters) to get empowered with the knowledge they need to reroute their lifestyle, kick their 9-5, and make money online. Right now, Mike and I are focusing on creating tutorials teaching others to make money blogging online, but we hope to expand on that and talk about all “make money online” topics in the future.

As an extension of our blog, we created a Facebook community for others who really strive to become the CEO of their own life. It’s a new community for bloggers at all stages of their journey. It’s also a safe space for bloggers to share wins, or even ask questions, on their journey to make money online.

Amy Olivieri of SaltandSkillet.com sharing her recent win with the community!

If you’re totally vibing with the idea of being a part of the Reroute Lifestyle community, click here to join our Facebook group for free.

Our income report will include earnings we make from KristaAoki.com and RerouteLifestyle.com. Our goal is to reroute our lifestyles and build a life of our own, mostly through blogging. So we help you by telling you about the ways we worked to grow our blog this month. At the same time, it helps us gauge how we are doing on our business and where we can improve moving forward.

Please understand that: yes, moving forward this will be an income report for two blogs. And you might think it’s unfair. Actually, keep in mind, it’s very hard to manage two blogs. You have to manage two social media accounts, two mailing lists, two posting schedules. It’s a lot of work, and it’s not easy.

The reason we did decide to separate the two blogs is so we can target each niche, and create products/services for those specific niches. Albeit difficult, we believe that the separation will help us in the long run.

How We Report Income

We now report income as income that is paid to us in any given month. Previously, we reported income as it was earned, which doesn’t really paint the reality of making money blogging:

  • Programs have different minimum payouts before you can get paid (e.g. advertisement networks with $100 minimums, or affiliate networks with $50 minimums)
  • There’s sometimes a long wait before you get actually get paid (even after you meet the payment minimum, you’re still operating on the advertiser’s terms. So you might not get paid for one or even three months depending on the company)

It’s a tough call.

Even though we felt so, so excited to see our first referrals from Ebates, the online website that pretty much pays people to shop, they only pay quarterly. And, Reroute Lifestyle saw its first commissions from ShareASale affiliate network this month, too. So while we’re celebrating a successful first month in terms of earnings, we just can’t report that yet.

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Social Proof

There are a lot of skeptics on the Internet. In a place where you can pretty much say anything, it’s valid. As a couple who writes with an intention of honesty, it’s hard to accept.

But some people want proof that we’re getting paid this amount. And I understand. So, we share these screenshots not to gloat, but to confirm, that we were indeed paid for blogging in August.

If you still have your doubts, please feel free to email us directly at reroutelifestyle@gmail.com.

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August 2017 Traffic Report

My traffic for my lifestyle and travel blog, KristaAoki.com, dropped (severely!!!) in August. Given that I barely put any work into the blog, and didn’t spend any time promoting, I’m still impressed with the 10,693 page views on KristaAoki.com in August.

What I really want to focus on in this report are the page views from RerouteLifestyle.com. In August, RerouteLifestyle.com received 4,846 page views from 2,320 users!

Most of our traffic came from Pinterest, but other sources included Facebook, Twitter, and Disqus. We also received some incoming traffic (187 to be exact) as redirects from KristaAoki.com. Our goal is to completely separate the two blogs so that all blogging articles are on RerouteLifestyle.com. So as time goes on, we will redirect blogging articles on KristaAoki.com to RerouteLifestyle.com.

I actually think we could have improved page views by:

  • Promoting more in Facebook groups like Boost Your Blog (we only posted there at the beginning of the month, which as you can see brought in a huge amount of page views since this blog’s inception).
  • Posting on Instagram. While we both know it’s a good idea to post on a separate Reroute Lifestyle Instagram account, we’re not ready for the additional workload. So, for now, we’ll post Reroute Lifestyle updates on my Instagram account.
  • Interacting more on Twitter. One of my favorite parts about Twitter is getting to interact with others! However, we’re being really picky about what we post on Twitter and how we say it. We want to have a consistent voice, which is actually hard between two people.

The Goal Report: How We Did on August Goals

First let’s talk about what we did NOT accomplish last month, despite our best efforts.

  • Launch an eBook (we’ve already got one in the works) and make our first $50 from it. Fail! Although the ebook is nearing its completion, we have not launched it yet. We want the advice to be detailed yet succinct, all at the same time being incredibly helpful. So we’re taking extra time to refine the ebook and make sure it’s easy to consume.
  • 5,000 page views. Fail. We were close to achieving this goal but only accomplished 4,846 page views this first month. We could have definitely done more to promote our blog and will try to revise our promotion strategy in the upcoming months.
  • 150 followers on Pinterest. Fail. We only grew to 65 followers on Pinterest!
  • 25 Facebook likes. Fail. We actually did absolutely nothing to push content on our Facebook page, which gives people little incentive to join. We’d like to come up with an interesting post strategy that encourages engagement on our Facebook page, and makes people want to press “Like.” Despite not keeping this page active, we have 11 Facebook likes.

Okay, even though we were like totally over ambitious with our goals, we still kicked some in the butt.

  • Grow our free Facebook community to 50 members. Success! We grew our community to 62 incredible members this month. We’re posting weekly blogging advice, Pinterest repin threads, and promotional threads in the group to get everyone engaged. And, it’s so exciting to see other members posting their questions and wins on the wall as well!
  • Grow our first Pinterest group board to 50 followers. Success! Our Pinterest group board, a collective of Income Reports that help others make money online (blogging or otherwise), reached 55 followers this month.
  • 350 email subscribers. Success! We ended the month with 416 incredible email subscribers. We only sent out two emails to our list in August.
  • 100 Twitter followers. Success! We actually grew to an exciting community of 135 followers on Twitter. Although we hoped to post on there more, it’s definitely something we’ve neglected. It’s going to be fun thinking about inspirational and helpful advice to post on there in the future.

August 2017 Income from Blogging

For those curious about how much money Reroute Lifestyle specifically made in its first month, it was around $80-90. This is, however, unpaid income, so none of it is making its way into this report. We’re only reporting income that made its way into our bank account (or Paypal account) in August.

Siteground$600.00 | When it comes to hosting for your blog, you should absolutely choose Siteground. In addition to 100% website uptime, they have unbeatable 24/7 customer service. We go to them with tech questions (because tech-savvy is something we are NOT) on a monthly basis and they are always so quick to resolve issues for us. They help answer our questions and teach us at the same time. Your first hosting plan with Siteground can start as low as $3.95 per month.

LendEDU: $100.00 | LendEDU is pretty much the coolest application for millennials looking to save money by paying less on their interest rates by refinancing their student loans. They compare rates for up to 6 of the top refinancing lenders using a totally free and easy-to-complete application that doesn’t affect your credit.

Linqia: $20.00 | If you have either 2,500 social media followers or monthly page views, and you want to start collaborating with brands on sponsored posts, you should absolutely apply for Linqia’s network. Linqia connects bloggers with brands to collaborate on sponsored campaigns.

Maven: $137.59 | Maven is totally Pinterest, but on steroids. You basically “pin” products you love online to your Maven boards. You can share the boards on social media or to your mailing list…and if someone clicks a product from your board, and then makes a purchase, you get a commission from that sale. Click here to read our tutorial about Maven. Or, click here to sign up and use Maven for free.

The She Approach to Boosting Your Blog Traffic$16.19 | If you’re a blogger feeling like you’ve tried everything to bring in page views, but your blog is stuck… you’ll love this traffic boosting ebook by Ana from The She Approach. If you like learning about the blogger behind the product, we interviewed Ana and got some of the behind-the-scenes! Click here to read our interview with Ana from The She Approach.

Blog Services: $25.00 | We actually didn’t push blog services at all this month, and this number reflects that. One of our goals for the future is to work on improving the look of our sales pages.

Total Income in August: $873.78

August 2017 Blogging Expenses

Our blogging expenses were actually pretty low in August. Finally!

Siteground$0.00 (prepaid the $3.95 monthly cost of Siteground for 2 years upfront)

Tailwind: $0.00 (prepaid for an annual Tailwind Plus plan for Pinterest)

G+ Suite for Business: $5.00

Paypal fees: $3.20

Total Expenses: $8.20

Total PAID Income (after expenses): $865.58

Biggest Takeaways from August

  • If you have an idea, go for it. So we knew we would be sacrificing short-term income and page views by separating KristaAoki.com and RerouteLifestyle.com. But, because it aligned with our long-term vision, we freaking went for it! Trust me – we had a lot of talks amongst each other thinking the idea was a total bad one – but you never know unless you try, right?
  • If it’s not ready for launch, don’t launch it. There’s a lot of inspiration out there that tells you to “just do it.” We’re all about that vibe, because you gotta take risks in life. But, at the same time, if you’re not ready to hit publish on a post… don’t. Sometimes there are pieces of work (like our ebook) that really need a little bit more time. They really need those finishing touches to ensure you’re releasing quality to the world! So, if it’s not ready to be seen by the public, that’s okay. Don’t stress out about it, and don’t release something you consider unfinished.
  • It’s okay to put some things on the backburner. As much as we wanted to be active on our Facebook page and Instagram, we understood that doing that would take away from important tasks like replying to every comment on our blog and replying to every thread in our Facebook group. As bloggers, we want to do it all. But honestly, it’s okay to prioritize and say “I will tackle that later” because you’re focusing on something more important.

Goals for September

It’s pretty exciting to start the month reviewing everything with Mike, my boyfriend and the co-founder of Reroute Lifestyle. And it’s also fun to talk about ways we want to work on our community and grow our business. Here are the goals we set for ourselves in September:

  • Post 8 times on our Facebook page to grow our likes to 25.
  • Grow our mailing list to 500 email subscribers and send that mailing list 4 helpful emails.
  • Continue posting private, weekly lessons and grow our free Facebook community to 100 members.
  • Engage more on Twitter, and grow to 175 followers.
  • Grow our Pinterest account to 125 followers.
  • Work together to get 6,000 page views.
  • Submit our first guest post on another blog.
  • Launch our first ebook, and make $100 from it.

We don’t really have any income goals, nor will we in the near future. We’re more focused on creating content, and the brand image we have for our community. To really build our brand, we strive to reply to every comment on our blog and reply to every post in our Facebook group. We really want to be there for our readers. It’s been super fun and exciting since most of our followers have a blog. We get to read what they publish on their blogs, and we have the pleasure of peeking into the behind-the-scenes of their blog biz. As two nosy Nancys, we like it!

Blogging: lots of work, and yet incredibly fulfilling

With all this being said, thank you for joining us on our blogging journey! If you learned something you can apply to your own blogging journey here, please pin or share!

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If you want to make money blogging, you should read this blogging income report! work from home, make money online, how to start a blog, start a lifestyle blog, earnings report, blogging tips, 2017 income report, start making money blogging, blogger income report

And always remember that blogging is definitely a “learn-as-you-go” activity. At first, you might feel overwhelmed by the tasks you have to conquer. After this first month, we can confidently say that to build a successful blog, you first need to conquer your fears and stop worrying!

We ALL have all these ideas buzzing in our brains. But what’s a successful idea until you act on it, right?

Starting a blog can be intimidating. In fact, I felt apprehensive before I started this blog. So many questions ran through my head. Would people think I’m weird? What if I’m unsuccessful? Now, in retrospect, I’m only overwhelmed by all the fantastic, positive support I received!

Even better, blogging is a great way to make money on the side. You can really turn your play-thing into a pay-thing. To learn how to start your own blog, use this guide. Or, you can jump start and use my link to sign up for web hosting at only $3.95 per month!

Considering starting a blog? Or, are you already blogging? What are your goals for the upcoming month?


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