Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

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How it Works: 

When someone clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase you get 20% of the sale of our services and 30% of the sale of our blogging products.

 Click here to learn more about affiliate marketing.
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What can I promote?

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Products (40% commission)

  • Career in the Making: an ebook with marketing and monetization strategies for the novice blogger ready to turn her passion into profit. If they spend $25, you get $10. Learn more.
  • Blogger Income & Growth Bundle: a system for bloggers to multiply their traffic, make money blogging, and track + analyze their growth. If they spend $11, you get $4.40. Learn more.

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Services (10% commission)

  • Blog Audit: a customized blog audit designed to help bloggers reach their monetization and traffic goals. If they spend $50, you get $5. Learn more.
  • Customized Blog Design: for the aspiring blogger who needs help navigating the tech side + designing their blog, or the seasoned blogger who wants a professional new look. If they spend $1,000, you get $100. Learn more.

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How to Get Started:

  1. Click here to join our affiliate program through Sendowl.
  2. On the left-hand sidebar, click “Programs.”
  3. Find and click the “Reroute Lifestyle Affiliate Program.”
  4. Find where it says “Click to see affiliate links,” and click that.
  5. Your affiliate link can be found under “Site Links”.
  6. Use these resources to promote the book, or create your own images!

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How to Promote our Products:

  1. Write an honest review.
  2. Send an email to your email subscribers about our products.
  3. Add one of our banners to your sidebar.
  4. Promote our products on social media.
  5. Add our products to your already-written, relevant posts.
  6. Add our products to your future posts.
  7. Promote our products by pinning images + links on Pinterest.
  8. Recommend our products to your friends who blog.

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  • What is affiliate marketing? Click here to learn more about affiliate marketing.
  • How do I join the affiliate program? If you haven’t already, click here to join the affiliate program.
  • How much will I earn by joining the affiliate program? Depending on the product or service, you will make 20-30% commission on every sale you refer.
  • How can I improve my affiliate sales? Click here to learn more about improving your affiliate sales.
  • How will I know if I made any commission? You can track your affiliate sales by accessing the Sendowl dashboard.
  • How do I receive my affiliate commissions, and how often do I get paid? You will receive your affiliate commissions via Paypal one month after each sale. Don’t forget to add your Paypal email to your Sendowl account!

Skipped to the end? Click here to join the affiliate program.

* If you do sign up for the Reroute Lifestyle affiliate program, you are opting in to receive emails from Reroute Lifestyle.