you know there's more to life than living to work.

if that sounds like you, you're in the right place.

aloha! i'm krista

I dreaded the soul-sucking commute to a job where I felt overworked, yet underpaid.

I questioned the whole “American dream” of paying off your student loans, buying a car, preparing a downpayment for a home mortgage, all-the-while playing politics just to climb the corporate ladder.

Even though I worked to spend time with family and friends, my schedule only allowed me limited time with those I loved most.

I hated being caught up in the daily routine. Work. Socialize. Sleep. Repeat. I hated feeling like I was living the same month, EVERY month.

But even as an Asian-American who grew up seeing work as self-value, I knew there had to be something more to life.

Something more than…

  • Dancing around bureaucracies trying to climb the corporate ladder
  • Spending all my time perfecting a resumé for someone who would spend <1 minute skimming it
  • Just living to collect paycheck after paycheck

My first taste of online business started with a $0.44 Amazon Affiliates commission I made from a lifestyle and travel blog I started in 2017.

As a shy, unconfident millennial who constantly told herself “no one would really care about what I haVE to say,” growing a small online community of like-minded people empowered me.

Since then, I’ve created my own dream job: working alongside multipassionate women to create a magnetic online brand presence.

I design my days around things I love like web/graphic design, coffee and Pinterest.

The #RerouteLifestyle BCF Framework helps our community turn their online presence from robotic 🤖 to hypnotic ✨.

#reroutelifestyle framework

Build a hypnotic online presence. Create a consistent brand presence through visual branding, website design, and messaging.

Captivate clients and create content. Build on the foundation and use attraction marketing to increase client sales.

Free up time to live your passion. Implement strategic systems, automations (workflows, onboarding, lead generation, etc.), and residual income streams.

i remember the pressure to stay employed.

“You’re just a lazy millennial trying to escape the grind.”
“You won’t be employable when you want to rejoin the job force.”
“Working an insufferable job is a part of the American dream.”

But where was all the support for multipassionates who wanted break free from the job force? Where was all the support for millennials who wanted to start a passion-fueled business?

Where was all the support for people who wanted to live an unconventional life?

Because I knew that professionally, I wanted to climb to great heights, but I didn’t want to dance around office politics trying to get to the top.

and building a business with my laptop gave me the power to

design my days.

i created a career that allows me to work when i'm most inspired.

  • No more sitting in a cubicle between the hours of 9 and 5.
  • No more trying to avoid watching the clock strike 5.
If I feel inspired to work in the evening, I do. If I get invited to do something on a Monday, I can work on Sunday instead.

No set hours.

I use my calendar as a tool, but I don’t let it control me.

reroute lifestyle is a movement.

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