I felt trapped at the entry-level position I worked at the front desk of a ski resort in Colorado, USA. I dreaded the soul-sucking commute to a job where I felt overworked, yet underpaid.

Pouring my soul into my work for a large company that didn’t value the work I did made me feel like I wasn’t “good enough” as a human being. Even though I worked to spend time with family and friends, my schedule only allowed me limited time with those I loved most.

I spent a lot of my free time missing my friends and family back in Hawaii.

Even though I loved working in customer service, there had to be something more to life.

  • Something more than putting all my time and effort trying to climb up the corporate ladder.
  • Something more than stressing out about perfecting my resumé for someone who would spend less than one minute skimming it.
  • Something more than living for payday.
  • Something more than living to work.
To cope with my homesick, in 2017, I started a lifestyle blog empowering millennial women to say YES to more life opportunities while still being financially savvy. I put up blog posts with affiliate links hoping to make some money on the side to help pay off my student loans.

After one week, I made my first Amazon Affiliates sale (a whopping $0.44). This was the start of how I discovered a community of PASSIONATE people who leverage the Internet to make money online.

Multi-passionate, hard-working creatives who designed a life where they could decide their own working hours.

Creatives who fed their insatiable curiosity with a lifestyle that allowed them to travel the world whilst working online.

And I started looking forward to waking up on Mondays. Deciding where I worked from, and when.

Reroute Lifestyle is a movement.

It’s a movement of multipassionates building an online presence so they can kiss the cubicle goodbye and reroute lifestyle.

Hi, my name is Krista. I am a tech-savvy project manager who specializes in branding, WordPress web design and content marketing.

Your website, and online presence in general, is a living resumé.

It’s your modern day business card.

Build your online presence. Create. Take risks. Live your passion. Reroute lifestyle.

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