Digital Nomad Lifestyle: 3 Weeks in England

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I’m lucky because I can work online from home… and home, for me, is anywhere. One of my most recent trips was to England, U.K. for the very first time!


Who am I?

If we haven’t met before, my name is Krista! I’m a “digital nomad,” which means that I serve my clients working remotely from my computer.

I help women entrepreneurs take their business to the next level by taking tasks off their to-do list so they can work IN their business (not ON their business) and live their passion.

  • Like Kelly from Grit HQ, who helps nonprofits and small businesses with their reach (online + offline).
  • Or Lieze from Selflove Service, a stressmanagement coach who helps entrepreneurs deal with stress and negative thinking patterns.
  • Or Mel from Mel Judson, who helps women business owners get instant credibility online with their websites and branding.
  • Or Deanna from Lucky Love Life, a mindset and success coach for ambitious women who want more time, freedom + more money.
  • And most recently, Sam from Sam Vander Wielen, who helps service-based entrepreneurs grow legally legit businesses.

Believe it or not, I don’t live this lifestyle because of the pay (when I left my day job, I was only making $1,500 per month blogging). But let’s be real, it’s a super cool BONUS that I get to work with such incredible women every day.

One of the reasons why I travel the world as a digital nomad is because I want the freedom to design my days.

If I’m feeling super inspired (or caffeinated), I can knock out a bunch of client projects all at once. On the flip side, if my energy feels like it’s waning, I can take a mental break (or Netflix break).

And this freedom of working and traveling led me to England.

Growing up, I thought I’d NEVER make it to England. Call me uneducated, but I thought that trips to Europe or England were reserved for ~rich people~ with tons of expendable income.

Even a few months ago, England wasn’t on my list of places to travel in the near future.

But, while I was in Asia, I met someone who convinced me to visit England during summertime.

Why did I choose to Reroute Lifestyle?

Rerouting my lifestyle to work and travel as a digital nomad means that I get to see more, experience more, and meet more people.

One of the best parts about my travel experience has to be all the people I’ve met on the road.

Because I spend SO much time with people who I meet abroad, I feel like I get more of an opportunity to connect with them on a deeper level. Many of the people I’ve met already feel like family!

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Plus, I run a business that I can’t shut up about to my friends and family. I run a business that gives me purpose every day.

I’m proud that I can serve my clients while also meeting people on the road who inspire me, teach me, and challenge me to grow.

But… running a business with the world as your office doesn’t come without its difficulties.

Plot Twist: One Difficulty of Traveling as a Digital Nomad

On the road, one of the most difficult things has been finding reliable WiFi. I give myself anxiety trying to find accommodations with reliable WiFi whilst traveling through Southeast Asia.

I didn’t expect to run into this problem in England – but, I did.

At first, it was frustrating.

I had projects I wanted to complete, and I spend much of my time on the computer.

Instead, I spent most of the month enjoying my new working holiday, capturing vlog footage, and doing high-priority client work from a mobile hotspot.

Are you thinking of the digital nomad lifestyle?

What do you think about the digital nomad lifestyle? Granted, it’s not for everyone. Some people have different priorities – raising a family, buying a house, advancing in a career.

But what about you? What are you working towards? What are YOUR priorities?

Let me know in the comments.

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