Aloha, I'm Krista!

i empower multipassionates

to live life unconventionally

& reroute lifestyle.


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you can make an impact online.

build an online business that allows you to live your passion
and work from anywhere in the world.

Here's a news flash:

when you strive to be average, you remain simply average.

That’s why you need to elevate your personality and build an online presence based on YOU and your passions – so you attract people who you can impact on a deeper level.

At Reroute Lifestyle, we believe in elevating your personality to build a magnetic online presence and grow a community of people who love you for you. We believe in taking calculated risks – in life, in travel, and in business. And, we believe in being unafraid to live an unconventional life.

you can make an impact. you can reroute your lifestyle.

aloha! i'm krista

in just one year, i grew an online community that allowed me to #reroutelifestyle and work from anywhere.

I’m a virtual project manager who helps multipassionates magnify their online presence with branding, website design, and brand management.

I hated being caught up in the daily routine. Work. Socialize. Sleep. Repeat. I hated feeling like I was living the same month, EVERY month.

I wanted to escape the “American dream” of paying off your student loans, buying a car, preparing a downpayment for a home mortgage, all-the-while playing politics just to climb the corporate ladder.

there had to be something more to life.

the solution: building an online business

Instead of chasing the American dream, you can build an online business that gives you the luxury of chasing dreams of your own.

Here’s the deal: to make an impact online, you need to attract your people to you. That means magnifying your personality to build an online business that allows you to work from anywhere and reroute lifestyle

reroute lifestyle is a movement.

It’s a movement of going beyond what’s average. It’s a movement of living an unconventional life. It’s a movement of elevating your personality so you can build an online presence that allows you to work from anywhere. 

What's your #reroutelifestyle story?

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